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Give your Child Creative Courage for Life with Stagecoach Performing Arts!

Parents looking for new ways to keep their children active, happy and engaged have found the solution in the form of performing arts classes at Stagecoach Performing Arts.

Stagecoach Performing Arts in Fuengirola and Marbella offer classes in singing, dancing and acting and are offering a two week trial during the school autumn term for youngsters aged four to 18.

Performance at Stagecoach is about more than simply learning how to sing, dance and act. Students develop the creative courage to unlock their potential, to stand up and be heard, to work well with other students and to embrace new ideas and possibilities.

As they hone their new skills and work together to devise and rehearse performances, students become more self-assured, expressive, sociable and imaginative. All skills that will serve them well on the stage of life and help them to tackle new situations with resilience, creativity and courage.

Eva Johnson, 12, and her brother Sam, 10, are now Stagecoach regulars after initially attending a two week trial a couple of years ago. Their mum, Katie Johnson, said: “My children absolutely loved it. They came home after the first day and were full of chatter about the friends they’d made and the fun they’d had.” She added: “They learn so much more than singing, dancing and drama. My son is naturally quite shy and I’ve seen his confidence levels soar, whereas my daughter is outgoing and has been able to channel her energy into performing.”

Classes are small which means every child is given attention and allowed to realise their potential at their own pace. The teachers all have performing arts experience and are there to lead and support youngsters as they conquer fears and rise to new challenges.

Classes run during school term time 17th September – 10th December

To find out more about the two week trial please call Warren Webley on 952 900 453 or visit here